Airline Crew Accommodations

Reservations will begin December 2021

Restful nights at EFI Clubs

Rooms at Eagles Fly Inn, Inc.® ("EFI") are built for comfort. It is our goal to always provide quiet rooms, a drug-free building, security on-site, and friendly service. We are building airline crew accommodations based on our own past travel experiences.

Here are some amenities* you can expect to find at our clubs:

  • Fitness Center
  • Relaxing Lounge
  • Massage Services
  • Room Service Until Midnight Every Night
  • Reliable Van Service
  • Superior Mattresses & Pillows
  • Additional Services Coming

*During our initial year of operations, van service will be available, all other amenities may not be available. Contact us to find out more about our crew accommodations available today.

First Year Target Rack Rates

  • Single Occupancy


  • Double Occupancy

    $59/person / night ($118 Total)

  • Triple Occupancy

    $49/person / night ($147 Total)

  • Quadruple Occupancy

    $39/person/ night ($156 Total)