What Crews Are Saying


Would like updates…on when something in MDW might occur. Thx!

OKC commuter

OKC commuter always interested in quality low price accommodations.

Salt Lake City to Oakland

I commute from Salt Lake City to Oakland and I’m very interested.

genius idea

It’s a genius idea and will really benefit many commuters. There’s a real demand for this service in our bases system wide. Best wishes with all your endeavors on this project!


Good luck. I am very interested in your plans for BWI.

won’t turn their backs on aircrew

Looking for a place that won’t turn their backs on aircrew during the summer, Bieber concerts or sporting events. Commuting is hectic enough. Knowing I have a decent place to stay when I get to my domicile would be great!

Please open in MCO

Please open in MCO fast.


Commuting to Vegas and I have a crash pad, but a little privacy without having to compete with a convention in town or noisy kids would be nice.


Yes, I am definitely interested in the membership! Would like more information on Oakland’s site if available?

Please, please please

Crew Members need to be able to stay in hotels that understand their needs. We do not check in at normal times, we do not check out at normal times. Flights change and cancellations happen. We need to be able to sleep during the day. We always need rooms that are quiet. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been woke up during my crew rest by people who have been out partying, which is what most people do while they are staying at hotels while on vacation. Please, please please, get these hotels started. Our crew rest depends on it, which translates into the public’s safety depends on it.

always have to wait

I love this idea! With my airline, I always have to wait for a hotel shuttle…. sometimes hotels rooms here aren’t ready. So happy Eagles Fly Inn is creating a hotel for crew.


Looking to transfer to DEN base and eager for information about this new hotel. Thank you.


I am interested in a DAL area hotel.

based in LAX

Hi, I’m based in LAX and heard that is a possibility for a location. The crew hotel concept sounds like a fantastic idea! Thanks!


Live in WV and drive in sometimes I spend night maybe once month please keep me updated.


This is an awesome idea and I can’t wait for it to be in Baltimore!

great concept

Best wishes getting this off the ground. It’s a great concept and will be a much better alternative for commuters to enjoy much needed rest.

I travel often

I travel often and work out of other work bases. This idea would positively change my quality of life significantly!!


I commute from PDX to OAK and am most definitely interested. Thank you!


I’d be interested in your services in the LAS or PHX areas.


OMG I wish this existed when I first started working as a pilot. I remember years ago being based in OAK hearing from others about a pilot wanting to buy a hotel there to make it a crew hotel. I said GREAT SIGN ME UP!! I wish all of our hotels could be crew based 🙂 I look forward to seeing this concept come to life.

OAK hotel situation is out of control

OAK based pilot, commute from SAN. The OAK hotel situation is out of control and we need something like this.

hope it flies

A lot of Airline employees would be a lot happier & better rested with this set up- I hope it flies!!!!

make life a lot easier

As a commuter, this would be a fantastic idea and would make life a lot easier. I am fully behind this proposition!

love to be a part

I would love to be a part of discounted crew only hotel rooms.

hotel crowded with kids

This is a fantastic idea. The last thing I want to deal with after a trip (or on a layover, really) is a hotel crowded with kids or weddings or conventions or any of the super noisy stuff. Love the concept. I really hope this works out. I’m not a commuter (now) but would be nice for the option in the future.

AA bases

I would love to see this concept in ATL. This business would boom here. Also, commuting to AA bases such as PHL and JFK, BOS and others I think this is a huge pro for crews.

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