Membership Benefits

All Memberships Receive:

  • A Member of one Club is a Member of all Clubs
  • Membership time clock begins when EFI opens in your declared domicile
  • Lower individual rates available for double, triple, and quadruple occupancy
  • Airport van every 20 minutes, @ top of the hour, 24/7
  • Active On-Site Security
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi with separate sign-on
  • Reserve Schedule Clause
  • Divert Clause
  • Fitness Centers
  • No-Host Lounge
  • Access to other Commercial Services available on-site; additional charges apply
  • Eagles Fly Inn, Inc. (“EFI”) may use the cash generated by these Membership sales for any lawful business purpose, including but not limited to acquiring real property.
  • EFI reserves the right, at any time (i) to refund any and all Memberships (ii) if, in EFI’s judgment, it will be unable to offer Club services to one or more purchasers (iii) within a reasonable time after the Membership purchase.
  • EFI is not offering to sell Securities (as commonly defined in U.S. law) nor is it soliciting offers to sell Securities.

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Take the stress out of travel. EFI offers club memberships to airline crews only to guarantee peaceful, drug-free, stays in clubs across the US.




Membership Fee / 1 year

Target 1 year Rack Rate – $89
One (1) year non-transferrable Membership for $125.00
Other incentives may be offered




Membership Fee / 3 years

Target 1 year Rack Rate – $79
Free stay for every 18th stay
Three (3) year non-transferrable Membership for $250.00