Membership FAQs

“Eagles Fly Inn, Inc (EFI) is an Exclusive Lodging Club for Flight Crew, active and retired, and other airline professionals such as station people, general office people, and selected other professionals who work in the Airline Industry vetted to a Flight Crew level.”

Beginning in DEN then possibly going to DAL, follow-on cities include but maybe not in this order: MDW, BWI, HOU, OAK, DTW; not necessarily in this order, but as the Company deems the expansion to be appropriate. We welcome Members input.

Do I have to pay for the room each time I stay?

Yes. Your Membership only purchases your membership. The rack rate per night pays for the care and maintenance of the room itself.

What are the Rack Rates available?

Initial Target Rack Rates are:

  • Single Occupancy: $89/night
  • Double Occupancy: $49.50/person / night ($99 Total)
  • Triple Occupancy: $44/person / night ($132 Total)
  • Quadruple Occupancy: $39/person/ night ($156 Total)

Rates subject to change without notice.

How many different Memberships are Offered?

There are two Membership levels available:

  • Eagle: A three (3) year membership renewable at the end of the term purchased.
  • Falcon: A one (1) year membership renewable at the end of the term purchased.
What does a Membership Cost?
Why must I buy a Membership?

A Membership establishes EFI as a Professional Club, with exclusive Members.
In short, it keeps the high school bands, soccer teams, and other Non-crew out of our Club.

What is EFI’s process for vetting selected other Airline Industry professionals to a Flight Crew level?

Employment via a commercial airline or corporate airline department fills the requirements for background checks and vetting. Documentation and verification of such employment will complete this requirement.

What does a Member receive for the Membership?

The benefits of each Membership are explained in detail on our website:

When can I stay under my Membership?

A Member may stay as often as you like, based on space available/first reservation made.

How many may stay in one (1) room at a time?

No more than 4 occupants in any single night

Any restrictions to my Membership?

Stay as often as you like. Behavior is in accordance with the Membership Agreement.

Are Family members are allowed to stay?

Yes, family members are welcome within the additional following boundaries:

  • Older children may stay in the Crew Room area if quiet and Member is present.
  • For young children, limited “Family Rooms” are an option on a space available basis.
  • The actual Member bringing Guest(s) must stay the night each time the Membership is used.
  • Members cannot send “Mom and the Kids” ahead without the Member actually at the same Club.
  • Guests of Members may check in early before the Members arrives.
Will we refund a person's membership fee if we have to remove them from a facility?