dollars spent by most flight crew
members on non-reimbursed lodging


million flight crew stays
at Denver International, alone


personally paid for stays every
year by flight crew members

The Problem
Flight crews are over charged, under rested and in danger.

With the expansion of legal drug use, crew members face career ending outcomes by staying in a room where legal pot residue rubs onto their person or their belongings. Flight crew members pay for lodging outside of their flight assignments. They have no rate discounts nor other guarantees. They stay in hotels with soccer teams above, honeymooners next door and partiers below.


The Solution
Flight crews are charged fairly, well rested and secure.

Build crew only, drug free, secure, critical rest lodging facilities across the US. and the globe. Create proprietary member cards that trigger secure crew only van pick up, and are the members room door key. Offer creature conveniences and crew-relevant services, on-site. Pay back initial investors at 8% within 24 months.


About Eagles Fly Inn ®

Eagles Fly Inn® is an exclusive lodging club for flight crew, active and retired, and other airline professionals such as station people, general offices people, and selected other professionals who work in the airline industry vetted to a flight crew level. EFI offers a safe and secure environment, and a good night’s rest, with amenities catering to its members.


Drug free lodging

Cannabis is not allowed. The last person who stayed in your room was a crew member. Guaranteed.

Crew only quiet

No soccer teams. No partiers. No honeymooners. Just flight crew members and well deserved rest.

Crew only value

You know your rate, always. It’s a good rate. If you have a reservation, you have a crew only room waiting.

We are looking for investors. We’d like to speak with you when and where you’d like.